About the Online Supplement

Greetings, and welcome to the website for Legal Writing in Context. This online supplement provides a wealth of resources for professors who choose to use the book in their courses. Behind the password-protected wall, you will find lesson plans, syllabi, writing samples, and in-class exercises. A sample of one of the in-class exercises is available here.

You’ll notice that the text itself does not contain the usual end-of-chapter exercises or quizzes. This is by design; we often found that those materials did not quite line up with the concepts we wished to emphasize in class. This website will provide those materials as downloadable Word documents. You can choose to use the exercises as we’ve presented them, or you can customize them to better suit your course. We’ve also provided guidance in the Teachers Manual (located behind the firewall) on how to incorporate these exercises into class sessions.

In addition to the in-class exercises, we have also provided rich materials to assist professors teaching the class. Annotated samples of e-mails, memos, and briefs can be provided to students to illustrate key points made in the text. Sample syllabi are available to help professors integrate readings into the course. A chapter-by-chapter Teachers Manual both provides added depth to the reading material and explains how to integrate the exercises and samples into class. Powerpoint slides, including teaching notes, reinforce key concepts from the textbook.

We will continue to update the website with new materials as we develop them. This website is thus a dynamic repository of teaching resources for any course focused on legal analysis and writing.

To explore these rich and diverse materials, please obtain a password through the Request Access link at the top of the page.